Tarisht’ah (Surenashi – Tarish-T’ahma: Dark-night Mother)

’’‘Title: ’’’ ’’‘Associated Phenomenon: ’’‘Night, esp. new moon ’’‘Alignment: ’’‘CN ’’‘Rank: ’’‘Lesser (Intermediate?) Deity ’’‘Race: ’’‘Halfling ’’‘Gender: ’’‘F ’’‘Symbol: ’’’ ’’‘Weapon: ’’‘Dagger ’’‘Totem: ’’‘Crow ’’‘Portfolio: ’’‘Stealth, Opportunity, Rogues (esp. thieves), City life, Night time ’’‘Domains: ’’‘Darkness, City, Celerity, Liberation ’’‘Associated Orders: ’’‘Thieves guilds, (Order of the Ladies Hand)

’’‘Description:’’’ The ultimate opportunist, Tarisht’ah is worshiped by those who live by stealth and their wits. She is considered by halflings to be the mother of their race, as well as (according to Surnest,) the world’s first stalker. Halflings equate her with the endless expanse of the night sky and the ultimate origin of all creation. With the rise of larger cities throughout the world, her worship has grown beyond the veneration of rogues to include many who find her ethos assists in adapting to and surviving in this new and often uncaring environment. It is said that anything she desires she ultimately acquires and no power exists which can prevent her from achieving whatever she sets out to accomplish indefinitely. Also according to Surnest, “It’s a good thing she’s not the goddess of law-enforcement because you can’t outrun her and there’s nowhere you can hide from her. Really. Trust me on this one.”

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