Languages and Racial Names

The Elven and ‘Orkhish languages are closely related. Root words are quite similar; displaying what was originally a dialectic difference in phonetics and syntax. The words they use to refer to there own people reflect this:

Fehladurh: Elv. fehl: gentle + durh: people

Khurorkh: Orc. khur: people + orkh: fierce, sharp

The Drow are the Gauredurh (Elv. gaur: twist, pervert + durh) and the Grey orcs are the Pahrorkh (Orc. pah: burning, excessive + orkh).

Dwarven, Halfling and Gnomish all share likewise related roots and similar dialectic origins:

Rimenosha: Dw. rime: true + osha: people

Surenashi: Half. suren: wander + ashi: people. (It should be noted that the dwarves perceive this as “wandering from the truth”)

Benaedresha: Gn. Benaedre: To reach out – friendly, open, cheerful + esha: people.

Humans have drawn upon both linguistic groups (hence Common is most closely related to the human tongue):

Malenosha: orig. Elv. malen: sun + Dw. osha: people.

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